REFUND POLICY

  1.  Clear Understanding of Refund Eligibility:

   We want our users to have a clear understanding of our refund policy. Refunds are only applicable under specific circumstances and are subject to certain conditions.


  1.  30-Day Refund Window:

   Kali Education offers a 30-day refund window from the date of the subscription purchase. Users can request a refund within this period if they are not satisfied with the app’s services.


  1.  Eligibility Criteria:

   Refunds will be considered for users who have encountered technical issues that our support team is unable to resolve, or if the app does not meet the promised features and functionality.


  1.  Contacting Support:

   Users are encouraged to reach out to our customer support team first. We value user feedback and will make every effort to address concerns and issues before considering a refund.


  1.  Documentation of Issues:

   Users requesting a refund based on technical issues must provide detailed documentation of the problems faced. This may include screenshots, error messages, or any other relevant information to assist our support team in assessing the situation.


  1.  Refund Process Timeframe:

   Once a refund request is submitted, our team will review the case promptly. Users can expect a response within 10 business days regarding the approval or denial of the refund.


  1.  Payment Method Refund:

   Refunds, when approved, will be processed to the original payment method used for the subscription purchase. It may take additional time for the refund to reflect in the user’s account.


  1.  Partial Refunds:

   In certain cases, Kali Education may offer partial refunds if only specific features or services within the subscription package are found to be unsatisfactory.


  1.  Subscription Cancellation:

   Users are responsible for canceling their subscription before requesting a refund. Refunds will not be issued for subscriptions that are not canceled, and users will have access to the subscribed features until the end of the billing cycle.


  1.  Policy Updates:

    Kali Education reserves the right to update and modify the refund policy. Users will be notified of any changes, and the latest version of the policy will always be available on our website.


    By implementing this comprehensive refund policy, Kali Education aims to provide transparency, support, and a positive experience for all users engaging with our educational app.


    –  For any inquiries or assistance regarding refunds, please contact our customer support team at support@thekalieducation.com

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